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Your Library Card

Who can get a library card, how to apply, and how to use your library card.

You can come in and get a library card.  We usually ask for your drivers license or if a child comes in have their  parents come in later to fill out the information.  We keep all the cards in a file and each family is now with a bar code and that really helps you find anything you might want to check out.  If the card is lost we keep track of cards by numbers and just reissure you a new card with the same number.  No problem just come in and check this information out.

We usually loan books and magazines for two weeks, videos and dvd's they are checked out for two days when the library is open.  If they are not back on time its 20 cents a day for the books and the movies are $2.00 a day.  So please bring items back on time .  If you forget to bring your card in we have you on file so you can just check with us and see also if its ok with your parents what you check out.