Library Policies


I. AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT (EXCLUDING COMPUTER) 1. There will be no charge to rent VHS tapes and DVDs. A $2.00 late charge will applied per tape or DVD per day the library is open after due date. A call from the Library Director shall be given to patron as a reminder that said DVD or VHS is/or will be overdue. 2. A limit of three tapes or DVDs per day per household can be checked out with the option of a one-time renewal. You must contact the Director on the due date for renewal. Each family must have a video contract number. The contract must be signed by a responsible adult (minimum age 18 years old) and list who may check out videos for the family. Phone number and address will be also provided. 3. The library speaker system, which is stored at the Silver City Library, is for city sponsored groups use and not to be checked out for private use. It can be signed out to organizations with Board of Trustees approval. If damaged, they make all the repairs. A form will be signed before checking out the speaker. Those checking out the speaker system need to be 18 and older. II BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1. The Board of Trustees (hereafter called the Board) will consist of five members. A Board term is three years. Members being chosen by the existing Board will be presented to the Silver City Council. Terms will run from July to July. At least 12 Board meetings are to be held per year. The Board will consist of five resident members. All resident members of the Board shall be bona fide citizens of Silver City and non-residents members of the unincorporated county. Members shall be over the age of 18 years. 2. Term of Office: All appointments to the Board shall be for three years, except to fill vacancies. Each term shall commence on July 1st. Appointments shall be made every two years of 1/3 the total number or as near as possible to stagger the terms. 3. Vacancies: The position of any resident Trustee shall be vacated if such member moves permanently from the City. The position of a nonresident 1 Trustee shall be vacated if such member moves permanently from the County or out of the City. The position of any trustee shall be deemed vacated if such member is absent from three consecutive regular meetings of the Board, except in the case of sickness or temporary absence from the City or County. Vacancies in the Board shall be filled in the same manner as an original appointment except that the new Trustee shall fill out the unexpired term for which the appointment is made. III. DUTIES OF THE BOARD 1. Hiring of Personnel: To employ a competent and qualified Director. The salary of the Director shall have been fixed and approved by a majority of the members of the Board voting in favor thereof. 2. Removal of Personnel: To remove the Director, by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board and provide procedures for the removal of the assistants or employees for misdemeanor, incompetence or inattention to duty, subject however, to the provisions of Chapter 35C of the code of Iowa. 3. Purchases: To select, or authorize the Director to select and make purchase of books, pamphlets, magazines, periodicals, papers, maps, journals, other library materials, furniture, fixtures, stationary and supplies for the library within budgetary limits set by the Board. 4. Expenditures: To have exclusive control of expenditure of all funds allocated for library purposes by the Council and of all moneys available by gifts or otherwise for the erection of library buildings and of all other moneys belonging to the library including fines and rentals collected under the rules of the Board. 5. Report to and cooperate with other public officials, boards and the community as a whole to support public relations for the library. 6. Responsible for the preparation of the annual library budget to be presented to the City Council. 7. Gifts: to accept gifts of real property, personal property, or mixed property, devises and bequests, including trust funds, to take the title to said property in the name of Silver City Library; to execute deeds and bills of sale for the conveyance of said property; and to expend the funds received by them from such gifts, for the improvement of the library. 8. Develop long-range goals for the library and work toward their achievement. 9. The Board may appoint special committees as may be needed from time to time, which will have advisory power only, unless specifically granted power to act. 2 10. Assist the Director with programs as necessitates. 11. Evaluate the Director yearly. IV. BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS 1. The Director will inform the Board of all maintenance and repairs as needed above and beyond routine upkeep. The Board will contact proper people or request that the Director make the contact and schedule a time for an estimate or the appointment for approved repairs during operating hours. The Board will then fit it into the budget. 2. The Director will be responsible for keeping the facility clean: vacuum, dust, windows, bathroom, sidewalks, snow removal. 3. Cleaning supplies will be kept out of the reach of children and a padlock will be placed on the doors. 4. Long range projects and building plans are under the direction of the Board. V. CIRCULATION AND FINES 1. All people with a mailing address and telephone number are eligible for checkout service. 2. Books and other circulating library materials may be checked out for a two- week period. 3. Books, magazines, audio tapes and puzzles may be renewed for an additional two-week period. 4. The Director will inform patrons of time limitations. 5. The cross-reference file will be kept updated by the Director and available to the public. 6. There will be no limit on the amount of literature that can be checked out. However, if the Director finds the "no limit" rule is being abused, the Director may take necessary steps and report it to the Board. 7. Overdue fines of $.20 per day that the library is open will be charged per item not to exceed current replacement cost of the material. a. The Director will contact patron before due date by phone. The Director will send overdue notices (or contact by phone) one week after the due date. A second notice will be sent if the item is over 3 two weeks. A third notice (a formal letter) will be sent again after the fourth late week stating that steps will be taken to retrieve materials. At that time, it will be turned over to the Board. The Director shall notify the Board of any overdue material past three (3) weeks. b. Persons with any overdue materials will not be permitted to check out additional materials. Materials may continue to be use in the library by that individual. 8. If library materials are lost, the full current replacement cost of the item will be charged in addition to any postage and handling if necessary. This will include all literature, purchased or donated. Damaged materials will be charged according to the amount of damage and possibility of repair at the discretion of the Director. Any reference material to be checked out will be at the discretion of the Director. VI. COMPUTER UTILIZATION 1. Patrons must sign in with Director to use the computer. 2. No more than two people may be at a computer at one time. 3. Age of patrons is up to the discretion of the Director. 4. The computer can be reserved for no more than one hour during library hours. 5. No outside software can be brought in and used. 6. Printed pages will be charged at a rate of $.25 per page for black and white or $.50 for color. 7. The Director has the right to limit or cancel patron's computer privileges if they feel it is being abused. VII. CONTINUING EDUCATION 1. The Director and/or assistant will attend workshops and classes when possible with prior approval of the Board. 2. Board personnel are encouraged to attend conference and workshops when possible with the approval of and notification to the Board. Member and/ or library staff should attend conferences, workshops, or continued education 4 classes at a rate that is up to date with Federal guidelines (excluding full time college). 3. With prior approval of the Board, the Director and/or assistant will be paid their wage per hour for each hour spent in a workshop (excluding full time college). 4. If it is an all day session, up to $15.00 for lunch will be reimbursed upon presentation of paid receipt. Tuition fees of classes are at Board's discretion. If travel is required, mileage at $.58 will be reimbursed with receipt of miles. VIII. DISPLAYS, EXHIBITS AND POSTERS 1. Items, which are not related to the library, must have prior approval of the Director and must follow guidelines before being posted. 2. No posters of political or religious nature will be displayed in the library unless of nonpartisan nature that serves to educate the public and they must have approval of the Director. 3. Only authorized library personnel may post notices, posters, and materials. Removal of the said materials is done by the decision of the staff. 4. No organization with exception to the Friends of the Library or individual shall be permitted to place in the library a box, receptacle, or canister which solicits donations of any kind, unless the donation directly benefits the library. 5. Nothing will be posted that advocates one religion or belief over another. 6. The library will not act as a distribution center for free materials that deal with controversial issues written from one point of view only. If materials seem questionable, the Director should withhold the material and consult the Board. 7. Posting of notices and distribution of materials does not imply endorsement by the library and must have approval of the Board. IX. EMERGENCIES 1. All exits will be kept clear, free of clutter. 2. In case of fire, the Director or staff will instruct patrons to proceed to nearest exit, then contact 911 for help. 5 3. In case of tornado, if the siren blows a steady long blast, the Director will have the patrons sit under a table near the rear (west end—Children’s book section) of the building. The all clear will be a short blast on the siren. 4. In case of a medical emergency, the Director will call 911 immediately if more than basic first aid is required. X. GIFTS AND MEMORIALS 1. Gifts with specific conditions must have approval of the Board. 2. For monetary gifts and memorials, the Director and Board can decide on appropriate literature or items to be purchased. 3. Books and other materials will be accepted on the condition that the Director and Board have the authority to make whatever disposition they deem advisable. XI. INTER-LIBRARY LOANS 1. The library will request materials for patrons form other Iowa Libraries and SILO if the material is not available in our collection. 2. The library shall loan the materials to other libraries when such a request is received form the regional library, but shall not loan its materials directly to individuals. 3. Loaned books that are overdue will have an additional charge for postage and handling, plus the regular overdue charge of $.20 per day. 4. Loaned books that are lost, replacement cost will be billed by the lending agent, plus any additional shipping and handling charges. XII. MATERIAL SELECTION 1. Selection of books or other library materials shall be made by the basis of their value of interest, information and enlightenment of all people and of all ages of the community. No book or library material shall be excluded because of the race, nationality, political, or social view of the author. 2. The Board rules that censorship is a purely individual matter and declares that while anyone is free to reject for themselves, books which they do not 6 approve of, they cannot exercise this right of censorship to restrict the freedom to read by others. No book shall be removed from the shelf, based on that reason. 3. The Director and the Board will do book and library material selections and shall take into consideration the age groups in ratio to population and usage. 4. Suggestions from the Board, Director and the general public for reading material will be considered. 5. It will be at the discretion of the Director and the Board as to what will be done with multiple copies of books and periodicals. XIII. MEETINGS AND FACILITY USAGE 1. With proper approval of the Board, the library will offer the library building for use by non-profit organizations for the purpose of meetings only. No charge will be issued, but donations would be accepted and appreciated. 2. The Director is not responsible for any set up and the building must be kept clean and put back in order by the non-profit organizations before leaving. 3. The organization must accept responsibility for any damage or lost items and this will be reported to the Board. 4. There will be no food or drink in the facility without prior Broad or Director's approval. 5. The Director will schedule the time for off-hours use and make arrangements for its availability. No meeting may be held during open library hours. 6. No charge for admission may be set and there will not be any collecting for donations at the library for any reason unless it is to benefit the library directly. (See section VII-5) 7. Library functions and city-sponsored organizations have priority use of the building. All other non-profit organizations have to check with the Board and the Director. 8. If Library approves city sponsored organization, the Board needs to approve it also. The Director will keep a record of such usage. XIV. PERSONNEL AND DUTIES 1. Qualifications: 7 a. Must have a High School Diploma and hold an Iowa Public Library Certification. b. Have knowledge of public libraries, library skills and administrative skills. c. Library or education experience preferred. d. Must be personable, neat, clean and of high integrity. e. Able to follow all rules and regulation of policy, work with and report to the Board of Trustees, city officials, and have a courteous and cooperative attitude toward the public. 2. The Board will set salary of all personnel. 3. The City Clerk will pay the Director or assistant twice a month. The City Clerk will pay the Director based on a bi-weekly schedule of 40 hours. Forty hours worked in two weeks. Any additional hours must have prior approval of the Board, to be explained on the time sheet and be signed by at least two Board members. The time sheet must then be submitted to the City Clerk for payment and must be signed by a board member. 4. Director and assistant duties: a. Must be present at library during open library hours. If the Director is unable to be there, they must contact a Board member and note hours absent on time sheet. b. The Director or assistant in charge will not leave library during open hours. It the Director has to go to the Post Office, or see City Clerk, they will put a note on the door and lock the door. c. Director is responsible for the cataloging and the processing of literature, checking out of books and literature. The Director will keep record of material that has been checked out by the patrons. d. The Director will check on Mondays for material that will be approaching overdue status. The Director will call patrons to remind them of such status of overdue material. e. The Director and/ or assistant will provide assistance to all patrons seeking information and materials. f. Director will keep record of all library operations and transactions. g. Director will log and keep records of all daily financial transactions including but not limited to: fines, copy machine income, income from computer print outs, books and video sales and other expenses. The Director will make photo copies of all transactions and keep a copy on file. City Clerk will also get a photo copy. 8 h. Petty cash is $20.00 to make petty cash to make change for fines. The Director will provide to the Board a monthly report of all activities to keep them informed on all finances, activities and any problems. This report shall list all petty cash transactions and a balance. The petty cash report will be broken down to show all income by category for budget purposes. When petty cash is low the city will replace by request from the Director. This was done by suggestion from the City audits. i. All funds and monetary gifts must be given to the City Clerk for deposit. j. Obtain books from inter-library loans, SILO, etc. at no cost to the patrons. k. Books can be bought with memorial money by request. l. Forward any correspondence to the Board for review. m. Catalog all memorial books or cash into our Memorial Book along with the donators name and address. Send acknowledgements for memorials and gifts. n. Upon request assist board with organizing and implementing library programs. o. With prior approval of the Board attend applicable workshops and classes. Director has to renew certificate every three years. p. Schedule building use for meetings, schedule computer time only when there is someone to teach. Other scheduling pertaining to library functions. q. Keep library clean and orderly. r. With the approval of the Board, the Director will coordinate any volunteers that may be needed. s. While working the person in charge will not bring children under their care to the facility during open hours unless approved by the Board under special circumstances. XV. SERVICES OF THE LIBRARY 1. The library will serve all people with no partiality to race, color, creed, or age (see Section IV). 2. It will provide materials at request if the library does not have it (see Section X). 9 3. The library will provide a copy service with a minimal charge to defray cost. The Director will make the copies: $.25 for black/white and $.50 for colored copies. 4. The library provides computer equipment. 5. The library furnishes space for special displays (see Section VII). 6. Operating hours of the library are set by the Board and are as follows: Monday 8:30-1:00, Tuesday 2:00-6:00, Wednesday 2:00-6:00, Thursday closed, Friday 2:00-6:00, Saturday 8:30-1:00. 7. For the following holidays, the library will be closed: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, George Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day. Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holiday closings will be posted in the Library and published in the Church newsletter. As the Library Board, we have adopted the City Council’s calendar. 8. The library staff will provide guidance and assistance for people to obtain the information they seek. 9. The library staff will provide programs of informative nature for children, young adults, and adult age levels as library resources permit. These programs will be during open library hours unless prior approval of the Board is met. The library staff may enlist the aid of community people and volunteers for programming as needed with prior Board approval. 10. The library will not permit soliciting of funds or donations within premises unless the donations directly benefit the library. 11. The Director may deny use of the library to any group or individual that violates the rules and regulations and will notify the Board. 12. The library shall be accessible for disabled individuals. 13. No food or drinks will be permitted except for library sponsored programs, organization meetings or story times. XVI. WEEDING OF MATERIALS 1. No local or history material shall be removed. 2. No reference material shall be removed without the Board approval. 3. The Director will be responsible to select materials for removal: duplicate copies, physically damaged or worn items or eliminating the paperback edition if there is a hardback copy on a regular basis, with the approval of the Board. 10 4. The Director will keep a list of all weeded material. They will be typed up and placed in the filing cabinet. XVII. VACATIONS & SICK LEAVE 1. Vacation and sick leave will not be paid. 2. The Director will contact the President of the Board first and then any member of the Board. 3. If Director is quarantined because of Pandemic, salary will not be paid. XVIII. LIBRARY CLOSING DUE TO PANDEMIC OR OTHER UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES FOR PANDEMIC: Library will remain closed to Patrons during a Pandemic or until such a mandate to open is given by officials. During this time the Director will keep library cleaned following the guidelines given by the State Library, CDC, and Mills County Public Health. 1. Walls of Library washed (using disinfectant recommended) 2. Shelves with books wiped clean 3. Carpets cleaned 4. Tables and chairs wiped clean 5. Windows cleaned 6. Bathroom floors, walls, door, toilet and sink cleaned 7. Patrons will be able to call Library for curb side delivery utilizing Bridges & remote catalog. (Resource Mate and Silver City Library website) 8. Virtual Library offered SOFT OPENING OF LIBRARY: 1. Limit 5 Patrons at a time into the Library 2. Social Distances of 6ft. will be followed by Patrons 3. Masks will be worn by all entering the library 11 4. Use of 2 computers will be limited to 30 minutes 5. Keyboards of computers will be covered with plastic covering for easy cleaning after Patrons use 6. All games, stuffed animals, crafts, and other items that would be not follow criteria of Pandemic Protocol will by closed 7. Library will close 30 minutes early to disinfect and clean OTHER UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES FOR CLOSURE: 1. Weather will dictate closer. 2. Power outages 3. Tornado The safety of our Patrons is our utmost concern.